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Anna Banana has been active in the international mail-art network since 1971, when her then newsletter, the Banana Rag, connected her with networking artists. She received a copy the Image Bank Request List from Art Rat and Mr. Peanut, sent out envelopes of the requested images, along with copies of the Banana Rag, and requested, in return, any and all visual and verbal material relating to bananas. To her amazement, her mail-box filled up, and she was immediately smitten with the mail-art process. Through the Request List, she met hg.joseph, in person Ken Friedman, Michael Morris, Vincent Trasov, Gary Lee Nova, Dana Atchley, Eric Metcalfe, Kate Craig, Glenn Lewis in Vancouver, and through the mail, General Idea, the editors of FILE Magazine, along with other early networkers in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.

In 1973, she moved to San Francisco where she had established contacts with a dozen Bay Area mail-artists, and in 1974, she published her first issue of VILE Magazine in response to FILE Magazine’s then current put-downs of mail-art. What follows is a listing of the few remaining back issues of her early publications that are still available, and some of her more recent efforts growing out of that early publishing background.

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